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Our 2022 Acting and Stunt course is now available!

Spend a week in Los Angeles learning from some of the best in the business – Acting with Katt Shea (Director & Actor Links to follow soon) and Stunts with stunt performer, trainer and co-ordinator Tim Storms (Click HERE for full details).

Our course is a full 7 days of fun and training, with plenty of time to take in the Los Angeles, Hollywood and Malibu areas. You will spend around 12 hours in training with Katt Shea, in an incredibly efficient and productive learning environment (with just our small group).

You will spend between 10 and 12 hours with our stunt trainer Tim Storms, learning how to fall, fight and tumble, along with other skills such as wire and ratchet work, high and low falls, camera positioning for fight scenes and if you are lucky maybe even some sword fighting!

The basic course only is just $910 (Approx £670 / €740), and you can add on any of the extra packages to make your stay in LA that much more special!

We have packages where you can add on any or all of the following studio tours and acting related extras (HINT! Use the members option to obtain a discount and pay a deposit, then fixed monthly payments over a further 11 months!):

  • Universal Studios Tour & Theme Park (1 day)
  • Universal Studios VIP Tour & Theme Park Including Front of Line Passes (1 Day)
  • Paramount VIP Tour with lunch (5 Hours)
  • Sony Studios (3 Hours)
  • Warner Brothers Studios (4 Hours)
  • An “Audition Showcase” in front of 5 leading Hollywood agents, Talent Agents or Casting Directors (be warned, this can be devastatingly harsh!)

AND / OR Add on a further 7 day trip (Including Accommodation) which includes:

  • Travel from LA to the GRAND CANYON for 3 nights where you will also visit:
    • The Grand Canyon South Rim
    • Monument Valley
    • 4 Corners National Monument (be in 4 states at the same time – Arizona, New Mexico, Utah & Colorado)
    • Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
  • Then travel to Fabulous LAS VEGAS, Nevada for a further 4 nights in a Las Vegas strip hotel (Resort fees not included in the price), and great tours included at no extra cost to:
    • Area 51 Back Gate, Lunch at “The Little Ale’Inn” (from the films Paul & Independence Day), The Black Mailbox & Tonopah (full day)
    • Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam (6 hours) or
    • Primm and Jean, Nevada and visit the first Saloon bar in America (complete with 19th century bullet holes!) (4 hours)
    • Calico ghost Town & Silver Mine (full day)
    • Shooting range including weapon hire (handgun or rifle) – You only pay for the ammunition you use (50 shots 9mm – Approx. £22 / £18) – if you want a specific weapon just ask when we arrive – the rental cost is normally $10 to $20.

The additional cost of the week long tour – including accommodation is just $1275 (approximately £935 / €1040) which is fantastic value for a week long “holiday”.

PLEASE NOTE that the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas tour is only available for people booking the course, and is limited to a maximum of just 8 people. Booking is encouraged as early as possible!

Payments can be made monthly, without credit checks, interest or additional fees. Contact us to get a quote in your currency. Acceptance is guaranteed. Payments made monthly must be completed by 28 days before the trip commences. For example, take the basic course and the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas trip and start paying monthly in January 2021, it would cost just $136 / £99 / €110 per month (currency prices are approximate, but correct as of 16th December 2020).